Professional Data Wiping Services

We wipe the data from your storage media and provide certification of the erasure. Additionally, we can dispose the media for you after the erasure in environmentally-friendly manner.


The current Covid19 pandemic situation has resulted in our government implementing MCO measures to counter the infection spread. Most businesses would have to adapt by activating their business continuity plan and allowing their employees to temporarily move to work from home. To facilitate this, businesses would need to procure additional end user computing devices i.e. laptops or tablets and the most common method would be on either a short term rental or by getting a loaner unit.

Once the temporary stay home restriction is lifted, these additional devices would need to be returned with its storage drive together. As these devices would contain company and user information, a Windows delete or reformatting of the drive would not be sufficient to ensure all data is removed permanently. This creates a potential risk of a data breach as well as a data security compliance breach.

With Rentalworks secure data erasure service, we provide: 

  • Onsite secure data erasure with certified software for your end user computing devices to ensure all company and user data is permanently erased and 100% non-recoverable
  • An auditable & digitally signed erasure certificate for each erased device
  • 3 x hardware functionality diagnostic check and reimaging of the operating system simplifying the device return process

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IT assets pose a significant risk to organizations because of the large volumes of confidential information stored on them. Data must be completely destroyed before IT assets are disposed of recycled, reused or donated.

Legislation, regulations and industry standards continue to grow more stringent worldwide regarding privacy of data on computers, tablets, smartphone and other devices. The stakes are high, as non-compliance can mean exorbitant fines, civil liability, irreparable damage to brand image or even imprisonment.

One of the key solutions to eliminate the risk of data falling into the wrong hands is to erase hard drives prior to disposal. Rentalworks has the capability to proof of this data removal to avoid the risk of penalties.

Secure Data Erasure Software